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For whom is Blueprints suitable?


Blueprints is for anyone who has an idea and wants to make that dream a reality via crowdfunding.

No matter if you are a lone fighter, a small company or a large enterprise.

Get insights into the leading strategies Creators are using for their crowdfunding success.

The Masterclass teaches you in a short time all the important crowdfunding tricks to really get started, even if you are still a beginner.

Nowadays, relying on the crowdfunding platform alone has not worked for a long time: By now, 75-80% of a campaign’s success is based on preliminary work!

A market advantage by avoiding mistakes, a lot of money  saved

Campaign strategies that have worked for many years

Access to the Blueprints Internal Network


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„THE online video course for successful crowdfunding campaigns.“

Reach a whole new level of funding through the right steps and strategies


Learn everything you need to know about crowdfunding before, during and after the campaign in our multi-hour video course to get every potential backer and super backer excited within a few breaths.


Krone Bild vor, während, nach

By analyzing target groups and focusing on specific techniques, you can reach the people who correspond to your target group.  Content that immediately takes you to a new level

Establish an online presence on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Target group analysis and identification

Everything you need to know before, during and after the campaign

Sales Psychology


Crowdfunding-Psychology and analysis

Building your own IP

What awaits you in the MASTERCLASS

 Introduction, welcome and preparation

Video series long term before the campaign

 Video series short term before the campaign

 Video series during the campaign

 Video series after the campaign

 Bonus-Video series Surprise!


„THE perfect companion to take you from start to finish.“

1:1 support and assistance by crowdfundingexperts

Actual condition assessment of your project

Step by step strategy plan customized for you

Weekly supervision of your projects via Skype/Discord

Achieve your goals thanks to a strong partner

Grow constantly with applied knowledge

We work together to realize your dream


Created for your success: Working with experts to perfect your crowdfunding experience

  • Your complete work & the campaign will be analyzed & evaluated by us
  • Receive priceless and honest feedback
  • Optimize your project based on the feedback

Networking with other Creators


Share regularly and get never before so clearly formulated and up-to-date crowdfunding strategies

  • Meet new business contacts
  • Exchange valuable experience and knowledge
  • 1:1 dialogue with crowdfunding experts
  • Years of expertise as constant support

Become part of the Blueprint network

Get access to the closed Facebook network

Ask your questions and get feedback


Start in the MASTERCLASS and/or in BLUEPRINTSCONNECT, take the first step for your dream and your success!



Realize your dream. START NOW!

The most effective and modern crowdfunding guide

We take you by the hand

Get important strategies to squeeze our every percent of success

Suitable for any idea you want to element via crowdfunding



About the founder

Stefan Godot, has worked for 11 years in a clinic while pursuing his passion for crowdfunding on the side to purpose his passion as an author, is an expert this domain with his years of experience in crowdfunding and the associated successful campaigns on Kickstarter. Through the right strategies, many small steps and avoiding mistakes, the backer and contribution numbers of all the campaigns in all areas have increased tremendously each time. The last campaign 2021 even become the most funded board game in Germany.

Over 1 million Euros in sales through crowdfunding and subsequent PM

Several successful campaigns on Kickstarter

Already advised and supported several publishers and creators

Founder of Germany’s largest crowdfunding creator community (over 500 members and growing)


Frequently asked questions

Who is the founder?

  • Stefan Godot is the founder. 

How long access?

  • You have lifetime access to the MASTERCLASS video course. Through regular updates you will always be up to date.

What do I have to pay?

  • The MASTERCLASS video course has a fixed price of XXX.
  • For personal BLUEPRINTS CONNECT 1:1 support from the beginning to the end of your project, we will be happy to provide you with an offer after a free initial consultation.
  • You will receive the free bonus PDF when you sign up for the newsletter.

Why invest in Blueprints instead of directly in influencers?

  • It’s simple: Reach is useless if you don’t have a strong foundation to offer. Only with a 100% convincing campaign will you manage to win backers and super backers. Crowdfunding consists of 75-80% groundwork. You can get the knowledge for the perfect foundation from Kickstarter Blueprints, no influencer will help you here.

Is it worth it for the inexperienced?

  • Yes! It doesn’t matter how much previous experience you have, we will teach you everything that is correct and relevant.

Does it also work for MY dream?

  • Yes! The crowdfunding concept works equally well for all ideas. Each campaign can be individually adapted to the right target group, just as it is optimally communicated with us.

What must be my position be?

  • A concrete idea for a crowdfunding campaign must at least exist. That’s it. 

How quickly will I become successful?

  • This can vary for each campaign and each idea. But success doesn’t have to wait forever!

Kickstarter Blueprints, does this do anything on other crowdfunding sites?

  • Yes! Crowdfunding works almost the same on all platforms, whether Kickstarter, Gofoundme, Gamesfound etc.